Hacker wins jackpot 24 times in a row after exploiting EOS betting platform

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September 11, 2018 by
Hacker wins jackpot 24 times in a row after exploiting EOS betting platform

A cyberpunk manipulated DEOSBet, an EOS-based betting platform run by DEOSGames. In less than a hr, the betting platform supposedly paid 24 times in a row to one person.

Inning accordance with a report by TheNextWeb, in spite of transferring just 339 EOS, the account “runningsnail” procured greater than 4,728 EOS (approx. $23,640). Surprisingly, the account was developed simply a day before the funds were sent for wagering.

By tracking the purchases by means of an EOS blockchain traveler, it was observed that 197 jackpot, each of nearly $1,000, were being paid to the account runningsnail repeatedly.

The manipulate was verified by DEOSGames on its social channels. “The other day, we obtained a harmful contract manipulate our agreement,” a declaration reviewed. “It is a good stress test and also we obtained considerable enhancements on agreement level.”

Reportedly, the victories were automated, the account runningsnail deposited 10 EOS and the reward was paid within 30 secs. Inning accordance with the report, runningsnail has so far had the maximum wins as well as is trying experiment with various other EOS wagering dApps, with hopes of an additional soft target.

However, the vulnerability encountered is vague as well as distinct to DEOSBet, and is unknowned if it encompasses all such EOS smart contracts. Though the quantity may seem small as compared to other large hacks, one can not deny that these type of hacks are becoming progressively widespread.

As a matter of fact, just a couple of weeks back, a comparable case was noted in EOSBet.io. During that time, the betting dApp was forced offline, and one more important defect in the blockchain was discovered by the researchers.

To ward off possible hacker strikes, bug bounty programs to find technicalities on the blockchain are introduced. These bug bounty programs invite cyberpunks to discover vulnerabilities on the blockchain, for which they will get an incentive. Supposedly, this year witnessed cryptocurrencies worth $761 million lost to hacking and also theft.

EOS advertises the checklist of many variety of pest bounty programs, inning accordance with an additional TheNextWeb report. EOS has invested around $417,000 on benefits for bug bounty programs and also has enhanced its benefit from $300 to $2100 this year.

Coinbase is carefully adhering to EOS with stats recommending over $281,000 drained pipes in bug searching. Blokchain and Augur trail behind Coinbase with their insect bounty benefit expense standing at around $10,000.

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