EOS (EOS) loses over 3,000 EOS tokens from an account, here’s how!

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June 27, 2018 by
EOS (EOS) loses over 3,000 EOS tokens from an account, here’s how!

EOS  is going through a tough time. After repeated delays, the blockchain managed to launch its MainNet. However, it was followed by freezing of accounts and other issues.

Now, reports suggest that a block producer EosStore failed to follow the recent this Core Arbitration Forum order and it leads to the loss of 3,570 this tokens from an account. According to ETH news, developer Simon Wang did not know about the order.

The EOS Core Arbitration Board released its second emergency order on June 22. It was to freeze compromised accounts that were likely subject to theft.
Since one of the block producers failed to follow it. It resulted in the loss of over 3000 tokens valued over $27,000. To maintain the freezing of accounts, all the block producers should refuse to create blocks for the account in question. Even if one of the block producers fails to implement it, the account remains active. The first freeze order was given on June 19.

According to ETH news report, Simon apologized on Telegram for failing to freeze the account. Eos Store stated that the order didn’t appear some of the channels such as the three Telegram channels: EOSIO Gov, EOS Validation (EMLG) and EOS BP Infrastructure.

The statement also mentioned that a confusion was created earlier this week by an “hoax order” that was circulated online. Eos Store also said that it is willing to reimburse the lost tokens. It has invited “all BPs to co-develop a software” providing a publishing platform for ECAF arbitration orders.


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